Home Inspection Agreement

Home Inspection Agreement detailing Inspection Scope, Inclusions and Omissions, signed by the Inspector and the Client prior to Inspection.  


Home Inspection Report

Detailed and Comprehensive Home Inspection Report, delivered by 8AM the next day. All reports include pictures and detailed findings, compiled with the aid of accurate test equipment and infrared technology. Any issues discovered will come with recommendations for further testing, professional evaluation, or repair.


Full Home Inspection- a limited and non-invasive examination of the condition of the home at the time of the inspection, which includes Four Point, WDO, Mold, Air Quality, and Roof


Four Point

Four Point Inspection- a quick and thorough inspection of the home's major components that are frequently used, providing a snapshot of the home's condition for insurance purposes



WDO Inspection- to determine the presence of Wood Destroying Organisms 


Air Quality

Air Quality Inspection- limited to readily detectable chemicals, carbon monoxide, allergens, humidity, and temperature at time of inspection 


Roof Inspection- a limited and non-invasive visual inspection of roof components, such as structure, venting, sheathing, flashing, and roof coverings



Other Inspections as agreed to prior to signing Inspection Agreement



Prices for inspections vary by type of inspection and square footage of the Home. Full inspection price of $350 is based on a 2,000 square foot home, and may increase or decrease based on more or less square footage.



Introductory discount of $50 for Full inspection goes through 12/31/2019. Discount of $50 for Veterans, Police, Firefighters, First Responders, and all Active Duty Military. One discount per inspection.